T.J. Waszak

Master Technician

Service is at the heart of what we do at Gator Motorsport and TJ is the heart of our service team.  A native of Chicago, TJ was practically born with a wrench in his hand and grew up with a passion for solving mechanical problems.  Since becoming a professional mechanic at the age of 19, he’s seen and worked on about everything with 4 wheels, from street cars to race cars, daily drivers to the rarest exotics.  Prior to coming to Gator Motorsport, T.J.’s experience has taken him from one end of the spectrum to another; working on privately owned vehicles to even working with racing teams at the track.

T.J. brings an absolute wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to our clients that comes from having worked on over 3,000 sports and exotic cars.  In fact, he’s not just an amazing resource for our clients; even Lotus has actually called him for help! Taking great pride in his work and work environment, T.J. will be one of the first to invite you to stop by the shop, say hello, and take a look around. When not working on your car or giving shop tours, T.J. can be found spending time with his family, camping or fishing. We’re excited to have T.J. as part of our family and invite you to stop by the shop, say hello, and learn why we say, “It’s people who make the difference.” 

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T.J. Waszak

Master Technician

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