About Lotus


Innovative. Featherweight. Eye-catching.

Lotus' are single-minded sports cars, focused on driving thrills. Heart defibrillation with a steering wheel, they make you feel alive.

They are elegant, modern, athletic, but with a rebellious streak that makes them stand out from the crowd. It should come as no surprise that James Dean and Steve McQueen were Lotus fans; the cars are a mirror of their immortal charisma. Heroes of both fact and fiction – from Mario Andretti to James Bond – have outgunned their rivals from the cockpit of a pointy-nosed Lotus.

When 007 drove his amphibious white Esprit out of the sea and onto a Corsican beach, Lotus instantly became the coolest car company in the world. As a star-making moment, it surpasses David Beckham’s first goal for Manchester United, and Liz Hurley’s safety-pin dress.

Prior to that, rakish founder Colin Chapman was revolutionizing Formula One with ideas hatched in fighter jet hangers. He was an automotive dietitian whose cars were anorexic. He gave them cat-like responses and the power-to-weight ratio of Bruce Lee. Today’s Elise, Exige and Evora carry on these traditions with verve, creating new legends behind the wheel.

Lotus is the industry benchmark for ride and handling in performance cars; sports cars that are telepathic to a driver’s touch. To paraphrase Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, they corner like they’re on rails. They are agile, uncompromising, simple, yet technologically prodigious. The design, materials and manufacturing processes are state-of-the-art, the engineering visionary, and they are hand-built in England by passionate artisans obsessed with performance, refinement, and dynamic excellence. For 60-years Lotus has been one of Britain’s most iconic achievements.

Entering a new and exciting era, Lotus’s core values are deeper than ever; a XXX-rated expression of speed, beauty, power, and purpose.

They look quick even at standstill. Take a deep breath; ignition on.


Lotus Evija


Lotus Evora GT


Lotus Emira