Customer of the Month- The Rascoe's- Pt. 1

Mr. Lars Rascoe -

Has been visiting Gator Motorsport since our doors opened in 2013.  He visits every few months to say hello and check out the latest inventory.  He is always filled with enthusiasm and always wears a smile from ear to ear.  Lars has a passion for cars and his passion to help others is what ultimately brought us together.  Recently, Lars had been keen on a pristine 1990 Porsche 944 S2 Cabrio.  This car was being sold on consignment by Mr. Scott Beauchamp.  Scott is a valued customer and local enthusiast who has a passion for autos and motorcycles.  After several recent visits, Lars had become one with the 944 and envied it so much that he would never sit in the vehicle because he had too much respect for the car.  He felt if he wasn't going to buy it, he shouldn't sit in the car.  So he would gaze from afar and get close, but never fully immerse himself behind the wheel.  

One afternoon I received a call from Kris Keys, who is a customer, auto enthusiast and a family member of Dan Weaver in the Parts Department. Kris has worked with me on a few deals in the past and was calling about a mutual acquaintance Lars.  Kris informed me that he had been speaking to Lars and Valencia about the 944 and Valencia had informed Kris that she really wanted Lars to get the car.  However, she didn't want to offer a lower than asking price figure because she knew Lars wouldn't be happy with her and he felt the car was worth every penny. Kris told me where they need to be on the car; my immediate thought was, "this wouldn't be possible." Kris and I chatted and I told him I would get back to him.  

Until I get to the meat and potatoes, you must know that Lars is a man of passion.  He's one of those individuals who wears his heart on his sleeve and his purpose is to help others and lead them on the right track in life.  Lars founded Boyz II Men, Inc. in 1995 with the desire to better prepare middle school aged boys to academically master the challenges and rigor of high school, so that they would be offered Post-Education acceptance and scholarships.  During many of his visits, Lars would bring several of the boys to the shop, and sometimes to Cars & Coffee on Saturday mornings.  I can tell from the few times I had met Lars that he is a man of his word and someone who always thinks of others before he thinks of himself. An obvious connection transpires throughout this entire transaction: everyone involved genuinely cares about others and doing the right thing in life. Putting others before yourself and about making a few small sacrifices can lead to a momentous memory of joy for someone else.  

Back to the phone call- I end up thinking long and hard about how to work this out and could only come up with one solution with a few parts involved.  I decided to write to the current owner of the car and explain in detail the situation and where this car would be going and how much it would mean in his life and their lives as a family.  Within minutes of hitting the send button, I received a response that read...

(see part 2 to continue!)