Zenos Cars Appoints Gator Motorsport as sole importer and distributor for North America!

Exciting time for us here at Gator Motorsport! 

March 1, 2016

For Immediate Release

Zenos Cars appoints Gator Motorsport as sole importer and distributor for North America.

Indianapolis, IN


Zenos Cars is pleased to announce that is has entered into an agreement with Gator Motorsport to import and distribute the critically-acclaimed range of Zenos Cars across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The agreement takes effect immediately, and will see Gator Motorsport import, install drivetrains and distribute the Zenos Cars range of lightweight, high-performance sports cars: the 250 bhp turbocharged E10 S and recently-launched 350 bhp E10 R.

As part of the arrangement, Indianapolis-based Gator Motorsport (Operating as Zenos North America) will become the sole North American point of drivetrain and factory authorized option installation, ensuring that customers experience the high levels of quality that they have come to expect of Zenos Cars.

Mark Edwards, Managing Director of Zenos Cars, commented: “The appointment of Gator Motorsport as our sole importer for North America represents an important milestone in the development of Zenos Cars as an internationally-recognized brand.

“Gator’s enormous experience in the high-performance sports car arena, coupled with a desire to deliver exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction, makes them a natural choice as partner of Zenos Cars. Their proven efficiency and passion will provide our customers in North American with an even more rewarding sales and owning experience.”

Young Kim, Founder and Owner of Gator Motorsport, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Zenos Cars, and to be playing a central role in bringing thrilling driving experiences to customers across North America. As enthusiasts, we appreciate the Zenos approach to providing high performance and purpose built vehicles. And as professionals, we are deeply impressed by the depth of engineering that makes Zenos Cars so great to drive and to own.”

Gator Motorsport has already taken delivery of its first Zenos, a Scandalous Yellow E10 S.



Zenos Cars was established in 2012 to design and produce high-performance, ultra-lightweight and accessible sports cars that deliver maximum driving thrills. The company is 100% British-owned, and the cars it produces are 100% British-designed, British-supplied and British-built. The company already directly employs nearly 30 people, who between them have enormous experience in the mainstream and specialist automotive arenas, including with McLaren, Nissan, Tesla, Ford, Lotus and Caterham, and Formula One teams.

The company’s first car, the mid-engined E10, has fully delivered on the promise of driving thrills combined with affordability. It is built around a rigid tub and backbone, bonded together to form an immensely strong platform. The backbone uses what is believed to be the largest single aluminum extrusion used in any road car.

Production of the E10 began in January 2015 and the E10 range has expanded quickly to include the 250 bhp turbocharged E10 S and 350 bph E10 R. Zenos cars are currently sold in the UK, USA, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, China and Switzerland. Non-UK markets account for 50% of production.



Based in Indianapolis and founded in 2013 by Young Kim, Gator Motorsport is the premier destination for automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. Gator Motorsport is an authorized dealer and service center for Lotus, Rossion, Magnum, and now Zenos Cars. The company currently employs 15 people, with the ambitions of expanding operations and investing in additional employees.  With the formation of Zenos North America, to start, they are looking to hire an additional 3 to 5 people to fulfill various roles and responsibilities.  Why the name ‘Gator’? The alligator embodies Mr. Kim’s philosophy on how to run a successful business. “Look at the alligator and how it’s changed over time – it’s strong and resilient. Businesses do not fail because they go broke – they fail because they fail to adapt to their ever-changing environment and to change with the times.”

Gator Motorsport is founded on a commitment to unrivaled excellence. The company operates under the motto of Ethics, Morals, and Principles and strives to provide each and every client with a unique and distinguished sales, parts, and service experience. Gator has invested heavily in people, training, and the most advanced equipment in order to offer a wide array of services from basic inspections to performance modifications and full race preparation. Through steadfast management and a knowledgeable staff, Gator Motorsport stands ready to raise the standard of excellence and expectations.


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