Coming Soon! 1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA - Red/Gray Leather - 2,050 miles

In 1988, there were different Firebird levels, peaking with the Trans Am GTA. The base Trans Am came with a standard 170-horsepower V-8, but could be ordered with a high-output edition that featured multipoint fuel injection. With manual shift, that engine delivered 215 horsepower.  However, topping the line was the 5.7-liter V-8, boosted to 225 horsepower - standard with the GTA package.  GTA equipment expanded to include a remote decklid release, power antenna, power windows/locks, power mirrors, theft-deterrent system, cruise control, and tilt wheel. 
The GTA came with a standard TH-700R4 (4L60) automatic transmission, A/C, seats with inflatable lumbar and side bolsters, special door panels, epoxy-filled emblems, body-colored ground effects, a special GTA horn button, and the WS6 performance handling package -  a 36mm front stabilizer bar, 24mm rear stabilizer bar, tuned springs, gas filled struts up front and gas shocks in the rear.
The GTA wheels had the Trans Am 16x8" diamond-spoke aluminum wheels, in gold specially for the GTA. The GTA had a new steering wheel with integral radio controls.  
Gator has inspected the vehicle and will be performing a number of repairs and services.  The vehicle has been sitting for awhile so we will do the following to get it back into top shape:
Replace heater core
Replace fuel filter
Replace headlight motors
Service transmission
Engine oil change
Rear differential service
Service trunk latch and replace if nessessary
Service attennae and replace if nessessary
Replace air filter
Replace front hood struts
Replace rear shocks 
Evac and charge A/C 
Brake fluid flush
The rotors are good and pads have life in them:
Brake Pads Front: LF 7MM RF 7MM
Brake Pads Rear:  LR 6MM RR 6MM
The tires also have plenty of tread on them:
Tread Depth Front: LF 10/32 RF 9/32 
Tread Depth Rear:  LR 10/32 RR 10/32
Please consider this an invitation to visit Gator Motorsport!  If you have any questions or wish for more information about this vehicle or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to call Brian Henry @ 317-245-6312 or email


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Firebird Trans Am GTA
Color (Exterior)
Color (Interior)
Gray Leather
4-speed automatic

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