Zenos E10


The remarkable Zenos E10 was born of a single purpose: to make thrilling driving experiences as accessible as possible. Which is why it was designed around you.

Yes, it’s very quick – its mid-mounted 200 bhp 2.0-litre engine pushes it from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Yet the E10 is about so much more than just acceleration, and so when the corners begin, the fun really starts.

High levels of grip are matched to predictable handling and superb ride quality, courtesy of all-round double-wishbone suspension attached to a stiff aluminium spine.

The E10 is available from under $47K (excluding engine, gearbox, installation, domestic delivery, and taxes).









The E10 has one of the highest power to weight ratios relative to its retail price, with optimal handling and driving kinematics. The chassis platform is unique with a single piece aluminium extrusion as a spine which goes through the middle of the car and a carbon cockpit that straddles it. The spine provides optimal rigidity and the carbon tub, which is made from re-cycled carbon and which retains 70% of the technical characteristics of continuous layered carbon, is both light and relatively low cost. 

With a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds, this lightweight track-based monster will deliver more smiles per gallon than almost any other car on the road or track.





Curb Weight - 1540 lbs

Wheel Base - 90.5”

Front track - 61.4”

Rear Track - 63”

Overall Length - 140.1”

Overall Width - 73.6”

Height - 44.5”


Hybrid carbon aluminum monocoque

Steel roll over and side-impact system

Self-colored removable front and rear wings


Top speed 135mph

0-60 speed 4.5 secs


Customer supplied

NA 4 cyl


1999cc with 16 valves

87.5mm bored / 83.1mm stroke

200bhp @7200rpm

210Nm @6100rpm

5 or 6 speed transverse transmission


Front tires - Zenos 16”/Avon 195/50R16

Rear tires - Zenos 17”/Avon 225/45R17


Double wishbone design front and rear

Bilstein dampers (in-board front)


Front - Alcon (2 Pot) racing calliper

Rear - OEM with integrated handbrake

Discs - 285mm front and rear


Lightweight composite seats

Intertia reel lap belt

12V power socket

Cockpit light


Center console multi-function LCD and separate driver display


Limited slip differential

OZ 16” front and 17” rear wheels

Avon ZZR 195/50R16 front; ZZR 225/45R17

Zenos composite seat

Zenos electrically heated composite seats

4 and 6 point race harness

Quick release steering wheel

Oil Cooler

Ventilated discs and uprated calipers

Tonneau cover

Full windscreen and wipers

“Get me home” weather cover


Dry sump

Competition steering rack

Uprated master cylinder

Battery cut-off switch

Plumbed-in fire extinguisher

Race cage

Catalyst by-pass

Re-packable silencer

Rear anti-roll bar

Adjustable platform dampers

Uprated springs and dampers


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