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ZEN (noun)

‘A state of enlightenment that focuses togetherness of body and mind.  It necessitates dropping illusion and seeing things for what they are without distortion created by preconception or prejudice.’


The Zenos executive has over 30 years combined experience in the automotive sector including senior management positions at Lotus Cars and more recently as the buyout team that between 2005 and 2012 acquired and turned around Caterham Cars ultimately taking Caterham onto the world stage in Formula 1.

Since meeting at Lotus Cars in 1999, Ansar Ali (Zenos Co-Founder) and Mark Edwards (Zenos Co-Founder) have been committed to the lightweight and affordable sports car market and remain recognised business leaders in the field.  By combining commercial acumen with a deep understanding of consumer needs their team have produced a history of business successes including accolades such as Top Gear ‘Car of the Year’ award.

We see it as Zenos creating a brand that delivers thrilling lightweight sports car experiences for enthusiasts.  Undoubtedly their products are key to delivering an involvement that is pure and without distortion.  And if we want to be the natural choice – and we do – then in everything we do we have to at least be:







These are easy words to type and to say, but not so easy to demonstrate if not inherently a reflection of ourselves.  Is it about appealing to non-conformists seeking performance and purity?  Almost certainly.  But we’d also like to think it is about reaching out to like-minded enthusiasts who value access, involvement and association with Zenos as a brand.  

Zenos aims to be the most progressive and desirable lightweight sports car company, driven by experiences that will create, engage and excite an enviable club of Zenos owners.

These experience are our passion. These experiences are Zenos.


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